Qutbi Mazar, Ahmedabad

Project Category: Façade Architecture, Suite Interior, Administrative Block

Status: Proposed, Un-built

Tenure: September 2018 – April 2019

Façade area: 1,25,000 sq. ft. approx.

Administrative block: 15000 sq. ft.

Suite interiors: 18000 sq. ft. approx.

QutbiMazar is one of the most important religious annual pilgrimage places for the ‘vora’ community of Muslims, from all over the world.

The site is located in the walled city of Ahmedabad with a large footprint, constitutes a lot of buildings with varying needs and usage patterns.

The project being sacred for a particular community, the guidelines given to us were to have a reference to ‘Fatimid’ architecture.

We were involved in 3 projects in the Qutbi complex: façade of the guest suite building ‘khanka’, the interior of guest suites of the ‘khanka’ and administration block of the Qutbicomplex.

The guest suite building has a c-shaped layout with all the guest suites having a balcony facing the large central space to be used majorly for religious congregation purpose.A major concern for the administration was the maintenance of the 400 odd guest suite balconies which would be majorly occupied by ‘pigeon’ menace in Abad.The clients need was for us to come up with a solution to cover up the external façade which would be easy to maintain, less dustyand also less bulky in nature as the balconies were only 2’-6” in depth.We proposed 3mm thk.aluminium screen panels to cover the suites balconies. They sheets have very less dead weight, are long lasting, easy to maintain and would be manufactured at workshop with easy installation at site.The panels are very thin (03 mm) making it difficult for pigeons to settle on them and also allowing us possibilities to make cut-outs of any shape and size suited to the architectural expressions required.

The guest’s suite layout is prepared in accordance with the rules and principles of the religious travellers, their beliefs and lifestyle.The basic intent of the furniture was to keep it as modular as possible and easy to maintain with a large number of rooms in mind.