Weekend Home, Ahmedabad

Project Category: Architecture, Interior Design

Status: Proposed, On-going

Tenure: June 2018 ~ On-going

Site area: 70000 sq. ft. (approx.)

Total built-up area: 6500 sq. ft.

The farm-house is located in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The site is planned-out on the functions of a leisure weekend house for a large family.

The weekend home is a single storeyed structure which would accommodate 3 brothers and their families during gatherings. There are 4 bedrooms and a large common living + dining space alongwith a large veranda facing the green expanse on the remains of the large site. All the 4 bedrooms open out into private courts flanking both sides of the weekend home for intimate gatherings. The large veranda opens out into the huge lawn for larger family gatherings.

The site being irregularly shaped; the home is placed parallel to the wall on the southern side of the site and the other activities are planned around accordingly the home.