Chitrakoot, Ahmedabad

Project Category: Interior Design

Status: Built, Completed

Tenure: June 2018 – March 2019

Total built-up space: 10000 sq. ft.

The residence is located in Ahmedabad. The main challenge of this interior design project was the deadline to finish the entire project in 9 months. The basic frame was given to us and we were asked to complete the entire project which included the flooring, doors and windows, kitchen, air conditioning, electrical, lighting, loose and fixed furniture, soft furnishing, paint and polish works and the exterior landscape in a span of 9 months which we eventually succeeded in completing.

The house is meant for a joint family, having a couple and their two sons.

The plan of the residence is fairly symmetrical with a spacious central spine acting as circulation and various functional spaces on two sides. The home consists of 2 floors having large floor areas and elaborate ceiling heights.

The material palette is kept very simple in the house and the furniture massing is   very light with an emphasis on keeping the spaces as open as possible in line with the architectural volumes provided to work with.

Free standing folded staircases are used to connect all the three levels of the house. A 3 storied vertical metal frame has been inserted into the space between the flights of the stairs creating a visually light element which serves to provide safety and doubles up as a housing for indoor planters at various levels; creating a fresh vibe inside and making the vertical movement interesting.